Brew dating on beer bottles

The obsessive-compulsive disorder that saw teenage me endlessly twisting doorknobs and cracking my knuckles is mostly in check, except for one tick I can’t quite quit: Checking the packaging date on beer cans and bottles.

It's not such a bad thing, though, mainly because my mania is centered on IPAs.

So I resorted to doing what any obsessed fan would do: import bottles.

When I’m in Houston, as I am this week, I drink you, Yellow Rose, as often as possible.

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If your organization and event meets those criteria, and your charitable event is more than 60 days out (since it does take time to activate these programs), you may submit a written proposal to [email protected] for consideration.

Our American craft beers are currently available in all fifty of the United States, the District of Columbia, and a number of foreign countries.

We require all of our distributors, national and international, to refrigerate our products during transport from the brewery to the warehouse.

Yellow Rose, you have been my menu beer (a beer to drink while perusing the menu), my go-to beer whenever I’m at a place that has you on tap, and a serious vexation to me whenever I’m at a place that doesn’t.

I have chosen where to eat based on your availability. But then I moved, Yellow Rose, away from the lovely home we call Texas, to a place far away and, sadly devoid of your incredible elixir: Brooklyn.

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